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December 01, 2018

Hope at Large - “Inter-generational” home

Cedarglen Homes’ Carbon ZLL designed for extended families

Marty Hope

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The cover of the Carbon ZLL information sheet shows a typical front-drive home with three bedrooms and two-and-a-half baths. Standard equipment, right?

But it’s the two inside pages that tell the real story of this 2,031-square-foot model by Cedarglen Homes. Options available, and there are a few, are likely a big part of the reason the Carbon has been so popular with visitors to the show home parade in southwest Belmont by Anthem United. 

Take out a front-entry mudroom and put in a bedroom, nudge the pantry back and, presto, an ensuite for the new bedroom. 

But there’s more. When all the changes have been done, the Carbon now has five bedrooms, the bonus room has been taken from the typical location over the front-drive garage to midway along the second floor, and a side entrance has been added if a separate suite has been built in the basement.

All without adding to the original 2,031-square-foot footprint.

So why do all the customization, what’s with all the pre-designed options being offered to retool the home? 

“The biggest selling point of the Carbon is the opportunity to modify the plan in unique ways to make each interior specific to the buyers’ expectations. The pre-designed modules that allow for additional bedrooms help to accommodate growing families,” says Cedarglen area sales manager Ryan Christensen.

What has been done to the home’s interior makes it possible to have the family grow in place over time, and to provide additional space for what Christensen calls “intergenerational” use.

The plan’s popularity, beyond its ideal representation in the show home, relies on people seeing themselves living in the space; they can picture their families turning the house into a home, and they can see past the present to understand the model’s potential in harbouring their own memories as kids grow older and dynamics change,” he says.

Let’s take the idea of the main-floor bedroom/ensuite in a two-storey home, for example, and how it might change the family dynamic.

“A large demographic in Calgary has their aging parents living with them, and the opportunity to have a bedroom and full bath on the main floor, plus the reality of not forcing them to use a flight of stairs every day has made the option very popular,” Christensen says. 

Don’t think a fifth bedroom will be necessary down the road, well how about  a home office instead, or leave it has a mudroom, or set it up as some other type of flex area.

Customization doesn’t scare Cedarglen, they accept change orders as an inevitable part of doing business. At the same time, the veteran builder also knows how to present a good-looking home.

“People love the open feeling of the show home, and most ask us to replicate much of what was done to the main floor in order to maintain that airy concept — one that brings a certain modernity to new homes that makes any given space appear larger,” says Christensen.

The base price of the Carbon in Belmont starts at $470,000. The show home, as is, would sell for anywhere between $530,000 and $550,000 depending on the lot. 

But remember, in this case you can’t tell the book by its cover.

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