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Dream. Discover. Develop

The difference isn’t in how we develop communities. It’s why.

Every developer is much the same when it comes to how they develop communities. We’re all subject to the same city regulations, we all use the same earth movers and graders – there’s really no room for any secret sauce in “how” we do things.

To find the Qualico difference you need to ask a different question altogether. You need to ask “Why?” Because the reason why we develop land is what makes us different.

What gets us out of the bed in the morning is the knowledge that the work we do will profoundly affect the lives of others. Not just for a little while – but for years, decades and even centuries to come.

And we’re not talking about some small aspect of people’s lives – what we do will touch the very fabric of their existence, every single day. After all, a community is never just an address. It is the stage for happy childhoods, enduring romances and golden years... it’s where all the best parts of life unfold.

So communities have to look, feel and be right, for today and for the endless stream of tomorrows. That’s why we’re all about what happens before the ground gets broken. That’s why, in addition to the word “develop,” you’ll find “dream” and “discover” under the Qualico name.

Yes, we are developers. But, because of why, we are, first and foremost, dreamers and discoverers.

Communities are born, not made: they come to life when a group of likeminded people feel at home in each other's company.

A land developer can't construct goodwill out of bricks and mortar, but we can influence who chooses our communities and how they come together as neighbours.

Residents of a Qualico community are people who appreciate nature but want to keep a connection to the everyday conveniences of city life. Our communities are carefully planned to incorporate open areas and parks to bring our residents closer to nature, while going out of our way to see that practical amenities like schools, shopping and entertainment are close at hand.

Nowhere is our theory and practice of residential development more evident than in the communities we are currently creating.

Qualico Communities (Calgary)

Corporate Headquarters
30 Speers Road
Winnipeg, MB R2J 1L9
(204) 233.2451

Calgary Headquarters
200, 5709 - 2nd Street SE
Calgary, AB T2H 2W4

Edmonton Headquarters
#3203 - 93rd Street
Edmonton, AB T6N 0B2
(780) 463.1126

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