August 2009 | Issue 44 Cover

August 2009 | Issue 44

Taking the plunge

Whether you’re taking the plunge to try to beat the summer heat; hopping in the hot tub in an effort to maintain your core body temperature on a cool winter’s eve; or soaking up the soothing relief a jet of hot water provides for sore muscles; we’ve got something for everyone in this edition of New Home Living.

If you’re the type who likes to make a big splash in public, then check out the article on Calgary’s recreation centres. From waterslides to wave pools, there’s affordable family fun (and fitness) just around the corner from wherever you live. And, just in case you prefer to spend your summers out of doors, we’ve also included a list of all the outdoor pools in town.

For a slightly more private form of rest and relaxation, many Calgarians are opting for a backyard (or even indoor) spa pool or hot tub. From the new, semi-portable SpaBerry; to built in resistance pools with all the bells and whistles; there’s a size, style and price to fit any home and budget.

And, to make sure you’re prepared for whatever water wonderland you choose to explore, our Focus On and Gadgets pictorial features introduce a variety of must-have items for your wet and wild adventures.

As for show homes, our resident residence expert, Pepper Rodriguez, has some real beauties lined up for us this month. For starters, there’s Trico Homes’ Tremont model in Silverado. Just down the road a piece in Cranston Estates, we visit the newest Baywest Homes bungalow, the Renoir. And, believe me, it’s truly a work of home building art! Meanwhile, out in Lyalta, we tour the aptly-named Barbados 5 show home from Douglas Homes. Lastly, we’ve got a profile of a builder new to Calgary, Axiom Homes, one of the very few home builders with a female president. While many builders may talk the talk about making their homes ‘female friendly’, this one definitely walks the walk.

Further heating things up this edition are our two columnists, Lindsay Bysterveld and Alykhan Velji, with informative articles on geothermal energy and eco-friendly fireplaces. Remember, you read about it here first!

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Tremont triumphs

Tremont triumphs

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Renoir a classical masterpiece

Renoir a classical masterpiece

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Axiom: self-evident truth

Axiom: self-evident truth

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Warm, wet and wonderful

Warm, wet and wonderful

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