November 2009 | Issue 47 Cover

November 2009 | Issue 47

Happy 100th Birthday, Airdrie

From a small prairie settlement to today’s progressive urban centre, Airdrie has grown so much this past hundred years, and it is a feat worthy of grand celebrations. Less than four generations ago, it was just a lonely outpost straddling the Calgary-Edmonton route. It was exactly this fortunate location on the corridor of growth that has led to its boom, from the grasslands town of a century ago, to the vibrant city it is today.

In this issue, we take a look at how Airdrie celebrated this milestone, how the city is coping with the challenges of growth, and bring into focus the several new neighbourhoods have to sprouted up all over this relatively young city. In the spotlight are the Genesis Builders Group and McKee Homes, both of whom have become names synonymous with the city’s growth.

Genesis has several projects in the city, including their new show home of Fairhaven in its suburban resort development of Bayside, which we cover in this issue. The builder/developer has cemented its relationship to the city with its health and wellness complex that bears its name. The homegrown McKee Homes is one of the most recognizable names in Airdrie, not only are they locally-based, but their unique home designs best reflect the young city’s small town values, like their new show homes in the blooming community of Ravenswood.

For a change of pace, we also check out Broadview Homes’ new show home in the southeast community of Silverado, and find its amazing hearth and great room feature that has wowed visitors.

This issue also looks into the snazzy kitchen trends — how Calgary is slowly turning from its traditional style to embrace a more sleek, modern look. L. Sara Bysterveld checks out the new energy-saving kitchen appliances in her Going Green column, and we also find out the latest gadgets that make cooking time a little easier. Ann Sutherland’s Focus On sets sights on today’s modern pots and pans that can take the heat.

Ally Velji returns to give us our monthly design tip, this time talking about designer rugs, and their influence on the look of a home.

Next Month: In the next issue, we delve into the Holiday Season’s hottest gift ideas and the best place to do your Christmas shopping. See you then.

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