December 2009 | Issue 48 Cover

December 2009 | Issue 48

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Season’s Greetings to all!

The Holidays are upon us and it looks to be a merry one, as the city seems to have weathered the recession looking none the worse for wear, and the new home market is again in an upbeat mood. Many may even mistake the ringing of cash registers for sleigh bells!

In this special Christmas issue, we take a look at how Calgary celebrates this most joyous of occasions and see how quickly Cow Town transforms into Santa’s workshop during this time of year. Especially with all the Christmas events, stage plays and spectacles going on in and around the city.

We also cast an eye out for the most unique boutiques in town, one-of-a-kind shops that are only found in Calgary, specializing in products that that can put a smile even in Scrooge’s heart. A lot of these stores can be easily missed because they aren’t in big box malls but they — like countless others out there — add to the Christmas flavour of our fair city.

Besides, it’s often in these little shops where you can find the best deals and some of the rarer, more unique items — how about a vintage Madeleine rag doll, an awesome Darth Vader action figure, cool model train sets — toys that have their own character (and I’m not talking just cartoon characters). Check out our gift ideas in our Gadgets section and you’ll see what I mean. Ann Sutherland’s Focus On also gets in on the Christmas Spirit with décor ideas.

This month, we also focus on Vesta’s Williamstown development and find the amazing range of multi-family and single-detached homes available in this most environmental of new communities in Airdrie. There’s also Albi Homes’ Messina show home in Cranston, whose grandeur and elegance simply awed guest writer, Associate Publisher Jim Zang. We also catch up with Reid Built Homes and find that they are down to their last few homes in Okotoks’ Westmount and their Frontier 2 show home may be your last chance to own this popular bungalow in this neighbourhood.

Design maestro Aly Velji gives us tips on how to turn the holidays into a stylish, festive affair, and green guru L. Sara Bysterveld tells us how we can achieve this in an environmentally friendly manner.

Stay tuned next month when we delve into the magazine’s health and wellness edition and talk about shedding the pounds from the festivities. ‘Til then, have a wonderful Christmas everyone.

Pepper Rodriguez,

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