January 2010 | Issue 49 Cover

January 2010 | Issue 49

On the mend in Oh-Ten

Hello 2010, goodbye 2009, and good riddance! Yes, so long to what was a very trying year for everyone, with the troubled economy really taking a toll on the local housing market. But that’s all behind us, and things are looking  rosy for the New Year.

Speaking of rosy, this issue deals with putting the colour back in your cheeks after a fun-filled holiday season (maybe even a little too much fun). Ease your way back into the flow of things with our health and wellness issue, where we turn our attention to winter running — a sport, admittedly, that never even crossed my mind.

I have no problem with running, it’s the winter part of the equation that gives me pause. But we find out here what a popular way it has become for Calgarians to keep fit in the winter. In fact, the Frozen Ass 50 ultra-marathon, from Calgary to Chestermere and back, is one of the much anticipated events of the season.

Our Focus On and Gadgets sections showcase the gear and apparel needed to keep runners feeling cool and looking hot. L. Sara Bysterveld also discusses the ‘greenness’ of keeping fit, reducing your carbon footprint by keeping you on your feet.

Kilts and haggis take centre stage on the birthday of Scottish Bard, Robert Burns, which is celebrated by Scots all over the world on or near January 25 (the poet’s birthday). We share Calgary’s special kinship to the event with the numerous Burns Suppers held throughout the city, which owes much of what it has become to the pioneering efforts of Scottish immigrants.

On the show home front, we take a peek at the Melody by CalBridge Group in the budding new community of Riversong in Cochrane. Join us as we experience firsthand the design symphony that has made Melody into
one of the builder’s most popular models.

We also go to the one-of-a-kind community of Wexford Estates on the western fringes of the city and take a look at the distinctive homes by builtbySky — custom homes that look like a million bucks and have
views to match.

On the front cover, our local guide to cutting edge interiors, Aly Velji, cues us on the design trends for the New Year. Art Deco makes a comeback, as do vinyl and big, bold colours. Turquoise, anyone?

Stay tuned next month when love is in the air with our annual  Valentine edition.

Pepper Rodriquez

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