February 2010 | Issue 50 Cover

February 2010 | Issue 50

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Love, post-recession

Maybe it’s too early for the celebratory title of this missive, but everyone from the Canada Mortgage Housing Corporation to your friendly neighbourhood new home builder says it: Calgary is in recovery mode.

2010 looks a whole lot rosier compared to the dark days of January 2009 and, for a Valentine’s Day issue we couldn’t think of a better way to show the love than to feature three of the loveliest show homes out there.

Our cover feature on Birchwood’s Confederation show home will make you fall in love with the inner city all over again. It is part of Birchwood’s CityLife line of inner city homes, and it is just a darling — not just because of the top-notch design of the home, but its affordability. Birchwood says CityLife gives buyers an alternative of owning a home in the inner city at a fraction of what it would normally cost and, considering the sales they’ve made in the last few months, I’d say it works.

“Astounding” is the only word I can think of to describe the Amara by Landmark Homes, as their Cranston show home simply goes all out in making an executive estate home look and feel as it should with all the bells and whistles. Marble and leather flooring, and that’s just the start.

The Berkshire by Sterling Homes in Evanston is no slouch either, blending functionality and style so well to fit the needs of today’s families. What I really liked about it is that, for a four-bedroom home, the judicious and intelligent use of all available square footage ensures that none of the rooms are lacking in space.

A sure sign of spring in these parts is the Calgary Home + Garden Show, and it’s turning ‘green’ with the special Karoleena Homes System-Built showcase on centre stage. Aly Velji, our design columnist and a special guest star at the show, also dispenses some design and décor tips for 2010.

We also cover the year ahead for Urban Development Institute — Calgary and its involvement with local government in implementing the controversial Plan It strategy in plotting the city’s growth.

And, because this is a Valentine’s edition, we talk about the best ways to celebrate the day of love in Calgary. We carry our Valentine’s theme further, as we count down our personal choice in romantic movies in our Gadgets story (not very gadget-y but gives us a chance to hear from our readers).

L. Sara Bysterfeld also gets in on the act with ‘green’ ways to show your love on Valentine’s Day.

So I ask, what’s not to love?

Pepper Rodriguez

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