March 2010 | Issue 51 Cover

March 2010 | Issue 51

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Mess boss

“A messy room is a sign of a cluttered mind,” my mom was fond of saying. Though this didn’t exactly fall on my deaf ears, it is advice that I still have some difficulty following. And I have a feeling I’m not alone.

This issue, we get our life in order starting with the easy things: straightening out the house. I talk to experts in the field on how to master clutter, including Angela Martini and Caireen Kennedy of Bloom Property Stylists — specialists in home staging and interior décor – and Murray Kobe of StorageWorks — who runs a successful home and office organizing business.

They all say that the best way to deal with clutter is to form habits — especially with children (something I failed to do when I was young) — of picking up after ourselves. Organizing things in bins is also a big part of it, as well as the “purge” — getting rid of unused items.

Visiting a show home is a useful way of finding tips on how to keep your home immaculately clean, and we feature three lovely models this issue. Check out the entertainment possibilities in

Shane Homes’ the Triumph in King’s Heights. You can also take a lot of design tips from Jayman MasterBuilt’s Liberty in Auburn Bay and Janssen Home’s Sage in Sunset Ridge in Cochrane is also a study in neatness — both in its design and how the show home was put together.

Also in this issue, L. Sara Bysterfeld talks about the irony of how we dirty up the environment when we do our laundry, and gives a couple of tips on how we can be “green” and clean when we wash our clothes.

We also get to visit the Western heritage town of Cochrane and see how the suburban cowboy town has grown over the years.

That’s it for now, excuse me while I just grab some of the stuff from the Focus On and Gadgets features to straighten up my room.

Pepper Rodriguez,

Next month: In our Green issue, we take a look at recycling our old and unused electronics and what happens to them after we take them to the recycling stations.

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