April 2010 | Issue 52 Cover

April 2010 | Issue 52

Editor's Message

“Green” is good

Our twice-a-year “green” issues are something I, quite frankly, look forward to. I like writing about the new advances in ecologically-conscious living and learning more about how to lessen our environmental footprint. I look at it as my little contribution to change (as do you, I hope).

This issue we talk about electronic waste and the steps being taken to control its spread, which threatens to overwhelm landfills worldwide. E-waste, as it is called, is the fastest growing waste stream in the world and it is indeed comforting to know that the Alberta government does recognize the problem and has taken the initiative to tackle the growing electronic scrap heap through recycling. Still on the theme, “green” guru, L. Sara Bysterveld guides us on the kinds of environment-friendly paints available that not only are good for the Earth but for your health as well. Our monthly Gadgets feature also shines a light on the devices that are mindful of the environment – although most of the newest gadgets are still only available online.

There are a lot of new show homes that have opened recently and are worth the time to check out. Our cover feature on Vesta’s Williamstown development in Airdrie is one of these, and the ambitious undertaking is generating a lot of excitement, as it is the city’s only development located on the Nose Creek environmental reserve. Coco Homes also opened its first show home in Calgary in several years, with its eye-popping New Haven model in Copperfield. Our third show home profile actually ties in with our community profile this month: Beattie Homes’ Westport III in Langdon’s Boulder Creek community. The home is a finalist in this year’s SAM Awards, which we also list in this issue.

Speaking of beautiful homes, our resident expert, Alykhan Velji, discusses the challenges of the open concept design that has become prevalent in the home building industry.

As I said, the area of Chestermere and Langdon are focused in this issue, two of Calgary’s eastern communities that offer plenty of promise as a real estate bonanza, and we see the potential getting quickly fulfilled.

That’s it for now, ‘til our next “green” issue in September, let’s think of more ways to reduce, re-use and recycle.

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