July 2010 | Issue 55 Cover

July 2010 | Issue 55

Editor's Message

Hotter than July

Weird that I’d put a title of a classic Stevie Wonder funk album on my editor’s message for Stampede month, (even more so because it hasn’t stopped raining the whole week as I write this) but that is just how I feel about the three show homes featured in this month’s magazine: they are sizzling hot!

First up, is the cover feature for Blue Rock Homes’ The Brookland in Everwood Estates down in Turner Valley. You can’t ask for a ‘greener’ home in this lush, idyllic location, as the builder went all out in creating a sustainable, environmentally-friendly home with the highly efficient ICF construction. It’s so efficient it has an 80 per cent EnerGuide rating.
The Downtown’s hotness stems from a totally different source: it’s daring, innovative floor plan that literally turns the design world upside down. It is part of Cedarglen’s new show home parade in Cranston and it is so bold and refreshing it has to be seen to be believed.

Excel Homes’ Stonebridge relies on accurately anticipating the needs of its target market — today’s extended family — and it’s four-bedroom plan (including two master bedrooms) has been a definite hit in the Manors of Martindale.
This issue also talks about how to turn the heat in your living room design. Calgary-based designer par excellence Alykahn Velji shows us how in his design feature this month. How little touches can make a big impact on the living room, especially now when most homes have multi-use open spaces that run through most of the main floor, instead of the compartmentalized traditional set-up.

We go behind the lines of the armchair wars in our armchair- and recliner-shopping feature, and try to find a middle ground between those who love the bulky seats and those who think it holds too much sway in the design flow of the room. You’ll never guess what experts think.
Then we talk about green flooring with L. Sara Bysterveld’s insightful Going Green article. But we’re really excited about our newest regular contributor: Linda Bodo, Alberta’s premier DIYista, author and columnist, and the ultimate upcyler that turns old pieces into items with a renewed purpose.

So, what’s really hotter than July is the issue you hold in your hands.

NEXT MONTH: We look at bathroom designs and talk about water conservation.

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