November 2010 | Issue 59 Cover

November 2010 | Issue 59

Multimedia maze

Buying a new home entails forethought in a lot of things, but before thinking of what colour to paint your walls, don’t forget to think about the wiring for your multimedia needs that should go inside those walls.

More and more, home entertainment is getting to be a focal point in our lives; and where we put our multimedia entertainment systems in the home — whether the living room, bonus room or basement — has to be well thought out to save headaches (and money) later on. This is the centre of discussion in my Shopping feature, where I talk to a couple of industry experts to check for advice on the intricacies of home theatre design.

Meanwhile, our design guru, Alykhan Velji, also gets in on the act and sets the parameters on how to successfully evoke a sense of wonder in your home theatre environment.

Speaking of entertainment, the four show homes we focus on this month, sure bring a lot of design savvy in ensuring their floor plans mesh with the need to entertain. Our cover feature, The Stanton by Trico Homes in Mahogany, is a gorgeous move-up home with all the bells and whistles of a true lakeside retreat, including a fabulous ensuite that is sure to be a crowd pleaser. Jayman MasterBUILT also in Mahogany, will not be outdone with their pair of show home parade beauties that are as functional for entertaining as they are for just the family’s enjoyment. Vesta’s Mckenzie in Williamstown, in Airdrie, also gives entertaining needs a lot of breathing room in their open-concept home designed primarily for the first-time homebuyer. What else needs to be said about Thomson Luxury Homes’

Lifestyles Lottery grand prize, that our Associate Publisher Jim Zang has not covered in his review? Except that the winner is set to be a party host for life.

In this issue’s Going Green column, L. Sara Bysterveld investigates Calgary’s environmental footprint and what the City is doing to shine a light on it.

As Aerosmith says: “Dream On.”  And what’s better than watching the band perform this song on a 65-inch LCD TV, in 7.1 hyper surround sound system. Just make sure to read our tips first, and maybe alert the neighbours.

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