January 2011 | Issue 61

Auld lang signs

The optimist in me always looks at the New Year as a sign of promise, of potential waiting to be fulfilled. But when I look at my steadily growing ‘to-do’ list for my home office, it can be enough to drain even my sense of eternal optimism. This year though, it’s going to be different. Hear me out before you roll your eyes — as we have designer sans compare, Alykhan Velji, helping out with tips to turn your home office to a model of function and inspiration in his Design and Décor column. His tips are as easy to follow as they are imaginative, and provide the spark anyone will need to get through this chore.

The home office theme runs through our Focus On and Gadgets photo features and shows us some ideas of what to use (and, in my case, abuse) to make working from home bearable at the very least.

Our core show home features start 2011 with a bang, with a cluster of models that clearly define innovative design for the New Year. Lets start with this month’s cover feature: Baywest Homes really have outdone themselves with their stellar show home in Cranston Estates, an honest-to-goodness estate home with more features than you thought was possible. Stepper Custom Homes also steps up to the plate with Oak Bay in Mahogany’s Lakeland Collection, a move-up families will be comfortable growing up in. While WestView Homes have a couple of award-winners in their Jumping Pound Ridge show home parade in Cochrane and the Manchester II will soon make its debut in Calgary. Associate Publisher Jim Zang also takes us on a guided tour of Sterling Homes’ delightful new show home in Okotoks scenic The Hill in Westridge.

So, did anyone notice our cover with the new masthead? What better way to launch a brand new year than with a more exciting, innovative design that will grab the readers’ attention on the newsstands! That’s the way to start the year, now to follow Aly’s home office tips.

Happy New Year everyone!

Pepper Rodriguez


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