July 2011 | Issue 67

Kidding around
You think it’s easy to design and furnish your kids’ rooms? Well, think again. Unless you have a newborn and need a nursery, children’s bedrooms are typically the last thing on anyone’s mind when decorating the house.

Turns out that can be a mistake, as these rooms tend to need a lot more thought to come up with a functional and aesthetic design than most people previously thought.

That’s what we talk about in the Shopping feature of the month — how to find the right furniture for your children’s bedrooms, pieces that can grown with them rather than be the next piece in your garage sale. Aly Velji also reminds us in his
Design and Décor feature that fads fade and designing your kid’s room with the latest cartoon hero can be a costly mistake. He gives us tips on how to keep the room organized — although the children’s cooperation may have something to do with that.

With summer almost upon us, gardening expert Patricia Johnson gives us some tips in starting your container garden — pretty handy for the condo dweller and his limited garden opportunities. Meanwhile, Don Molyneaux scoured the town looking for the best armchair “throne” for your castle and seeing what he came up with for this month’s Focus On makes me want to take a nap in one.

We have a stellar line-up of our regular profile features this month, starting with our cover story on the recently-opened Fireside community in Cochrane, which the developer, La Vita Land, says is the best development to serve the starter market in the Cochrane area. We also have a community profile on EchoHaven, touted to be the newest ecological evolution in community development in the province. The Morgan by Baywest is their latest show home in Mahogany and it is a showstopper. While Jager’s Everett in Riversong takes the urban styling to the prairie foothills. Shane Home’s latest lottery show home is also inside, and we take a different approach in how we present it, letting pictures do most of the talking — which I think is the best enticement for people to go see it.

As we look forward to the dog days of summer after this wetter-than-usual spring, we can look forward to more new homes and home design ideas that we here at New Home Living always try to provide.

Pepper Rodriguez,
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