February 2014 | Issue 98

Spring is coming!

As you read this, the snow may be still flying fast and furious in this interminable winter of 2014 that we’re suffering through, but I see the glimmer for warmer weather on the way. And that glimmer is the Calgary Home + Garden Show, the city’s biggest consumer home show of the year, and something that always seems to raise my hopes for warmer weather ahead.

The show has almost become a rite of spring for me, and I always look forward to the new designs and tradecraft that have been a hallmark at the show. But I’m mostly looking forward to meeting with celebrity designer Tommy Smythe, whom we feature in this issue. He seems to be a really fascinating new designer with a lot of fresh ideas, and it will be nice to catch the lively discussions he’ll have at the show.

With spring comes finding new ideas to design homes, and a lot of our readers do this by going to the show homes in town. And if you’re a first-time homebuyer you won’t be disappointed by visiting Brookfield Residential’s Side-by-Side Homes in Cranston. They are our cover feature this issue, and we got to talk to a newlywed couple that just bought their first home and have fallen in love with it. We also visit Maillot Homes’ stunning new duplex show home near Marda Loop, one of the trendiest inner-city neighbourhoods that makes a perfect location for Maillot’s brand of custom homes. We also feature Jager Homes in Rainbow Falls in Chestermere, which represents the other end of the spectrum of the suburban/inner-city dichotomy that dictates demand in the homes market.

Our at-large reporter, Marty Hope, uncovers the seemingly renewed vigour in the resort market of the Rockies in his column, as new life is blossoming in the long dormant market that was particularly hit hard by the last recession.

Then, we also get to explore the new community of The Willows in Cochrane, which just goes to show that all the action in homebuilding seems to be migrating to the surrounding areas. We get to look at the phenomenon more in our Loving East Side Living next month, which will be quickly followed by Loving Cochrane Living and Loving Airdrie Living in upcoming issues of New Home Living.

There’s a lot to look forward to this year, there is a full slate of new show home openings already in the midst of construction in some of the best communities around that offer a wide choice for buyers. We can’t wait to tell you about them in the coming issues.

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