April 2014 | Issue 100

Northern lights

Traffic reports on TV like to refer to Calgary’s southernmost communities as “the deep south,” and I’d like to submit that we call the northernmost communities “the far north.” Seems only fair, right? However, both, to me, denote a slight bias — like these suburban communities were somehow less accessible. They are a longer commute if you work downtown, of course, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a perfectly fulfilling life in them. I should know; I’m a suburbanite myself.

Take for example our cover feature of Nolan Hill. This United Communities development is just south of 144th Avenue N.W., and what is the northernmost edge of developed land in Calgary right now. When I started writing about this community two years ago, it really seemed like the setting for “Little House on the Prairie”, but now, it’s evolved into one of the most rapidly growing neighbourhoods with loads of recently opened amenities like the Symons Valley Ranch farmers’ market. It’s affordable, it’s quaint and quiet and with Stoney Trail so nearby it’s very accessible. Maybe “far north” isn’t the right descriptive, how about “new north” which has a more positive connotation that denotes growth and potential. I’ll be happy with that — now, what can we call the south…

Regardless of which communities this month’s line-up of home builders are in, you can bet they will have some of the most distinctive show homes. Cardel Homes’ new houses in Chaparral Valley are the epitome of family-friendly suburban life, Innovations by Jayman in Riversong shows how affordability doesn’t mean you have to be less stylish, and McKee Homes in Canals Landing raises the benchmark in luxury living in Airdrie. Speaking of McKee Homes, they have a unique program called Build Futures that teaches Airdrie students the basics of home building — see more of that story in our Around Town section.

We also announce the finalists in this year’s SAM Awards, which again features some of the best multi-family developments in town.  We also continue the story of where Calgary’s home market is headed this year in “The Road Ahead – Part II.”

New home starts are expected to hit a high in 2014, which bodes well for the buyers, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t challenges ahead. You can be sure that it’s something New Home Living will be keeping an eye on in the year ahead.

Pepper Rodriguez,
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