September 2015 | Issue 117

Stage marriage

Marriage is never easy, and sometimes work can get in the way of a happy home life. But what if you were to blend the two? Granted, sharing a home life and a career with your spouse can be a highly volatile mix and it can very easily explode in your face. But some couples have found the balance.

Take TV’s celebrity home renovation pair, Bryan and Sarah Baeumler. The pair has actually enjoyed a successful career and a happy home life. In fact, they are sharing the secrets of their success at this year’s Calgary Home + Garden show where they are one of the headliners. We asked the Baeumlers in our special feature in this issue some in-depth questions on how they work so well together, and you can ask them your own questions at their appearance at the main stage of the Calgary Home + Design Show.

Just as finding “the right one” is essential in marriage, finding the right community where to raise your family is high on the list of the right things in life, too. And I’d like to think that New Home Living can help you in that critical decision. It’s not as romantic as finding the right partner, but, hey, living in a community that’s right for you can be life changing too.

Genesis Builders Group has been providing Calgarians with some of the most livable communities around. Famous for their Bayside and Canals creations in Airdrie, Genesis’ Saddlestone community in the northeast is just as appealing and accessible, with an amazing range of home offerings (all made by Genesis, too) that makes it one of the most affordable options for a new single-family home. You can check out their new show homes when they open on September 19.

Also featured inside is Trico Homes’ new show home in Legacy, another masterful rendition of their best-selling Kennedy III model, but this time on zero-lot lines. Then there’s Truman Homes’ Cash & Cars lottery grand prize show home, whose contemporary élan will make anyone want to buy a ticket for a chance to own this (and of course it’s for a good cause as well).

Our community feature on Auburn Bay celebrates this Brookfield Residential lake community’s 10th anniversary, and boy, you never thought you’d see cottage living in the prairies until you see what this southeast community has to offer.

Rounding out this issue’s offering, David Crosson talks of the importance of Living Rooms in establishing the character of your home (by the way, David will also be one of the headliners at the Calgary Home + Design Show. Bravo, David!). While Kathy McCormick tackles recliners and how they are essential in living room design.

It’s another jam-packed issue with more news and how-to articles that we know our readers love. You know you can count on us for more. Thanks for reading!

Pepper Rodriguez

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