November 2015 | Issue 119

Vital statistics

According to health experts, your health can be measured in a few different ways, height, weight, blood pressure, etc. But those vital statistics barely scratch the surface of your overall health. The way you live your life, after all, has a lot to say about the true state of your health. Maybe the same can be said for Calgary’s vital statistics these days.

Sure our economy has faltered; and yes, our housing market has stalled with the number of new residential starts continuing to diminish. But those numbers don’t quite paint the whole picture for Calgary.

Even with the tumult in the oil patch — our economy’s major driver — Calgarians still seem optimistic about life in Cowtown. The Calgary Foundation’s Vital Signs citizen survey rated our overall quality of life as a B.

The Calgary Foundation’s Vital Signs survey is an annual check-up that measures the vitality of Calgary, identifies significant trends, and assigns grades in areas critical to quality of life in Calgary. And the survey — done annually since 2007 — says that we remain satisfied with our life here, with only the slightest variation from how we felt last year. Which is considerable, as the oil slump really took a bite out of our economy in that period.

Hopewell Residential’s multi-award winning lake community of Mahogany is a shining example of this resiliency. The four-season, resort-like community has just surged in growth, as they continue to attract Calgarians eager to try out that lakeside lifestyle, and with the wide range of products they offer — hitting all the price points from starter homes to the multi-million dollar custom homes on its island — Mahogany will continue to be a model community of growth for years to come.

We also focus on Hopewell’s home-building arm (formerly Sabal Homes, now rebranded under the Hopewell Residential umbrella). We talk about all the homes they offer in Mahogany including their innovative rear-detached garage homes that combine the convenience of an attached garage move-up home with the curb appeal of homes with a front porch. We also feature Jayman MasterBUILT’s lovely Lauren show home in the other southeast lake community of Auburn Bay, the award-winning builder simply knows how to hit the sweet spot in stylishly functional family homes whether on the lake or not. We also shine a light on the new community of Harmony going up just outside of Calgary in Springbank, the upscale neighbourhood boasts not only its own lake but a golf course designed by legendary Phil Mickelson.

The growth of all these lake communities in Calgary seems to say to me that people still want to live in a community where recreational amenities are close at hand.

Maybe these lake communities are what it takes to get the market going up again. We’ll be sure to let you know how it goes.

Pepper Rodriguez

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