April 2016 | Issue 124

I may be dating myself here with this 5th Dimension song reference (you’d know it if you saw The 40-Year-Old Virgin). I think it’s the perfect song for spring, it is after all about rebirth, and filled with optimism, if maybe going a little overboard on all those astrology references.

This spring may be more difficult one for Calgarians, and all the economic indicators point to a bleak rest of the year ahead. But the sun is shining and spring is in the air and there remains some reason for optimism for better days ahead (hey, oil’s back up over $40 a barrel as I write this, so that’s some good news, right?)

There remains to be plenty of opportunity out there, especially for first-time homebuyers. Interest rates are still low and home builders are offering terrific deals on some beautiful homes that may be priced lower than what they would have been during boom times.

Take for example our cover feature on Jayman BUILT’s new semi-detached products in Sunset Ridge in Cochrane. They’re stylish, they’re spacious, and they are pretty affordable. Jayman’s streamlined operations also allow buyers now to find the specifications for their homes that can meet their lifestyle and budget.

We also shine a spotlight on Hopewell Residential’s comprehensive selection of homes available in their communities all over the city. This home builder and land developer offers a wide range of home products from duplexes, laned and move-ups in some of the most life-affirming communities like Mahogany that they themselves developed.

Speaking of new communities, we have a couple of the most distinctive developments around. There’s Brookfield Residential’s Symons Gate in the northwest that promises a “boutique lifestyle” mirrored in their select move-up home designs. And then we have the brand new community of Harmony in Springbank who’s vision for modern prairie living is being brought to life with lakes, golf courses and natural amenities sure to attract families.

Spring is also about SAMs , and the annual awards night that honours the best in the homebuilding business will be held next month and we have the list of finalists for this years gala awards. Good luck to all the finalists.

Spring is also about green, in our case, we take this to mean environment-friendly type of green. We have Kathy McCormick and David Crossson devoting their Shopping and Style features, respectively, to the idea of reuse, recycle and repurpose.

So even though spring 2016 may be a little tougher this year for Calgarians, there are great opportunities out there to get ahead in life by owning your first home, and be green while you’re on it.

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