June 2016 | issue126

Alberta has been on the receiving end of a lot of bad news these days, it seems. Slumping oil prices that considerably weakened the economy; a flat housing market; and now, the disastrous wildfires in Fort McMurray; that’s a lot of woe and misery all on one plate. But throughout all the adversity, Alberta and its people has remained strong.

Just like in the 2013 floods that ravaged Calgary, the generous outpouring of support for the victims of Fort Mac’s devastating wildfires, to me, was more overwhelming than the disaster itself. People facing hardships of their own found it in themselves to extend a helping hand to our neighbours in the north. It is this oneness — this “I got your back” attitude — that has made me so proud to be an Albertan.

I know everyone is doing their best to help the victims, and the housing industry itself has extended a helping hand. I encourage all our readers to do what they can to help our neighbours to the north. Together, is the only way we can get through these hardships.

Talking about the goings on in Calgary’s housing market then, may seem just a little bit insensitive in the light of what’s happening in Fort Mac. But the world does turn. I’m just glad that our cover this issue is one of the most conscientious corporate citizens around: Homes by Avi. Their new project in Tuscany is the first effort by this well-respected builder in land development, and represents the last chance for buyers to move into a brand new home in this popular northwest community.

Stepper Homes and their 60th anniversary is also focused in this issue, it’s a celebration that rewards their buyers with huge deals for some of their more popular homes. We also get to talk about the communities of Harmony and Auburn Bay, and how their distinctive water features have made them perfect for today’s stay-cation lifestyle.

What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger — it’s a cliché, no doubt, but Sun Tzu knew what he spoke of, and Albertans do, too.

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