August 2016 | issue 128

No, I don’t mean being a star of the silver screen. Rather, my dream of having the best home entertainment system money can buy…or at least what I can afford, which really isn’t much.

That ideal system usually involves powerful amps, surround sound speakers with a subwoofer and a widescreen TV. Trouble is technology moves so quickly nowadays that what’s trending right now may be obsolete after you read this. I can remember when 3D TVs were all the rage, but that hasn’t really worked out in the home front, overtaken instead by the newest ultra 4K smart TVs with pictures so crisp and clear you can see each bristle of the Blue Jays’ Jose Bautista’s beard (three guesses as to what I’m watching right now).

In this issue, we have STYLE guru David Crosson and our Shopping correspondent Kathy McCormick delving into this Jetson-age world of home entertainment. David takes on the aspect of how to design your home to fit this new technology, and Kathy tells us what’s available out there. Let me tell you, it boggles the mind. I remember when I was happy with my 21-inch RCA box type colour TV with the tinny speakers growing up back in Manila. It’s probably a collectors’ item now…

With the advances in sound attenuation technology, even duplex dwellers can enjoy 5.1 channel surround sound without getting into fights with their next-wall neighbour. And with new wireless speaker technology, you can move the speakers away from the common wall without worrying about wires and cables running all over your floor.

That will probably come in handy when you move in Jayman BUILT’s most ambitious project yet — Westman Village. Made up of four home components, including upscale estate bungalows, low-rise condos, rentals and adult active living suites, Westman Village presents the very best of a modern lifestyle in an amenity-rich suburban area. It’s located along the shores of Mahogany Lake community and will have the massive Village Centre state-of-the-art two-storey recreation building at its heart. It’s one amenity on top of another in this community of the future.

We also feature show homes from Augusta Fine Homes and Brycor Homes that show just how spectacular a custom home can be. You can see how much importance home entertainment is given in these two fine examples of modern single-family living. 

We also have some industry news to pass along regarding the new board of directors for the newly amalgamated CHBA – UDI Calgary, which will help forge the path for home builders, community developers and their partners in the challenging future ahead.

In case you think I’m just encouraging people to just Netflix and chill with our home entertainment features, we also have Shelly Boettcher’s write-up on the numerous city parks we as Calgarians get to enjoy so easily. This reminds us how lucky we are to have these indoor and outdoor entertainment opportunities so easily available to us, but maybe it’s time to put down my TV clicker and go for a walk in one of those parks. 

Have a great summer, Calgary

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