February 2017 | issue 134

2017 starts out with a “brrr” instead of a bang, and I guess the good ol’ Farmers’ Almanac was on the nose this year with the frigid temperatures we’ve been enjoying of late. But the housing market it seems is seeing some warmth return to its bones, with economic forecasts calling for better fortunes for home buyers and home builders in 2017 with a more balanced market.

But it is a precarious balance. Who knows what the effects will be with the new drywall tariffs? What about the cost of meeting new energy efficiency codes? And what about that carbon tax? We’ll see in the next few, I think.

The wheels of progress continue their inexorable push, however, and new communities (to name a few: Livingston, Carrington, Cornerstone — all in north Calgary) have opened, new show home parades have also begun sprouting up even before the spring. Some are even seeing increased traffic to the show homes despite the wintry weather.

Our cover feature on Cranston’s Riverstone is a great example of this new blush of growth. Brookfield Residential’s blossoming riverside enclave has attracted a wide range of buyers and not just the well-off retiree looking to enjoy the golden years along some of the best fishing spots in the province just outside their home. I mean, there is certainly that segment of the market found here, but there’s also a growing number of young families and even single professionals who are putting down roots in this amenity-rich, nature endowed community. Like I say in the feature, where else can you go hiking by the Bow River pathway and have a delish meal at Starbelly or Tommyfield Gastropub 10 minutes later?

Growth also continues in our sister city to the north, Airdrie, and our two show home profiles this month feature the latest in the neighbourhoods of Midtown and HillCrest. Shane Homes’ Tofino II is making headlines in the new neighbourhood of Midtown that can be loosely termed Airdrie’s new inner-city community for its proximity to its downtown. Excel Homes is one of the home builders I was talking about earlier who are opening a slew of new show home parades this year — they’ve already launched new ones in the southeast community of Walden, and now they are opening single-family front drive homes, and duplex front drive homes in HillCrest, and we were able to get a sneak-peek at some of them.

I also have a thing for pillows and we wallow in this personal obsession with a terrific take on what’s available out there in Aaliya Essa’s Focus On photo feature. Our STYLE guru, David Crosson, puts his sights on creating the perfect feature wall to create visual depth in any room. And Shelley Boettcher gives us tips on some choice romantic stops in the city for a Valentine to remember.

The extra frigid temperatures makes it just the kind of weather to talk about pillows. Don’t you just want to stay in bed the whole day with this kind of weather? 

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