April 2018 | Issue 148

You can probably tell from my writings here that I have a very optimistic world-view. I still think spring can happen, contrary to all the nasty weather we’ve been seeing the past weeks; I still think the Flames can make it to the playoffs, notwithstanding where they are in the standings. It’s just my nature. At least Calgary’s housing markets seem to be bearing out my optimism, and don’t just take my word for it, listen to what our Real Estate Insider, Mario Toneguzzi, says in his latest column inside.

You can also feel the hope of spring in the air in the communities I go to for the stories we have in this issue. Qualico Communities’ Evanston is a perfect example. Our cover feature this month is still on a roll, it is almost complete and residents are already enjoying the tons of amenities that already exist in the neighbourhood. Get in while you still can in the wide range of single- and multi-family homes that are still available (but dwindling fast).

Shane Homes’ paired homes in Legacy also just opened and are attracting a wide range of buyers with their affordable stylishness in one of the most beautiful communities in the southeast. We also have NuVista Homes’ latest famiy friendly model, The Rosewood, making waves with its inherent flexibility in the previously mentioned Evanston in the northwest. While Baywest Homes’ Clearwater in Cranston’s Riverstone in the southeast brings back all the classy glamour of the bungalow, and is one of the finalists in this year’s BILD Awards (formerly SAM Awards). A list of the single-family nominees is also found in this issue. The full finalists list is on our web page

We also have Christina Loc giving her latest tips in decorating your half-bath/powder room. She points out that this is the one room your guests will likely see the most and it’s design will be a good chance to impress. Mel Ladner’s Focus On photo feature on the new designs in sinks helps in this theme. We also have Richard White’s Q&A session with the City’s bike authority and get the low down on how Calgary’s bicycle culture has grown.

Lastly, even if things don’t turn up the way we want to weather-wide and Flames wise this year, there’s always next spring to look forward to. Hope you join us for the ride.

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