September 2018 | issue 153

When I started in this job some 10 years ago now (I know, I’m a lifer) Auburn Bay and Mahogany Lake were a little more than deep holes in the ground in the city’s south. But now these spectacular and avidly popular new lake communities have become complete neighbourhoods living up to their vision, and more. Back then, the city’s southern border ended in Silverado, and to the north, the new communities of Livingston and Carrington were nothing more than prairie grasslands. Now, we have Yorkville and Belmont bringing us further south and new communities of East Stoney, Glacier Ridge and more now approved for further development in the north.

My friends and family will sometimes look at me perplexed at ask these new communities are. (“Carrington, where’s that?” one of my recent conversations with a buddy went.) They’re about to get more perplexed after City Council voted to allow 14 new suburban communities to be built in the coming years.  Those include the massive developments of Glacier Ridge in the north, Providence, Rangeview and South Shepard in the south.  According to news reports, these new communities could add more than 18,000 single-family homes and as much as 9,000 multi-family homes. 


With so much going on, Source Media Group is launching New Community Guide in the coming months to inform readers of these new places to live, whether they’re established, on their way to being established or are just coming down the pipeline. I’ve always seen Condo Living and New Home Living as chronicles of Calgary’s growth, this new magazine will make it doubly so.


Growth isn’t happening just in Calgary. As our cover feature indicates, the town of Okotoks to the south is also enjoying a growth spurt, specifically with Anthem United’s newest development, D’ARCY. Sales have been particularly strong for the duplex offerings, but they expect more with the coming release of front-drive homes and villas.


Apex Development’s Hillcrest in Airdrie is also part of the growth and is now approaching build-out, as it takes on the aspects of a fully established community. People have fallen in love with what it has to offer. And that goes for the rest of Airdrie and you can read more about the new developments of Southwinds by Mattamy and Chinook Gate by Brookfield Residential in our sister publication Loving Airdrie Living out now.


In this issue, you will also find show home features on Shane Homes’ Sovanna in Belmont and Jayman BUILT’s Tempo a semi-detached duplex that’s also available as a townhome. We also have Amanda Hamilton’s interview where one of the stars at this year’s Calgary Fall Home Show explains to us the benefits of “maximalism.”


So, if you’re looking for a new home, a new place to live, or a new style for your existing abode, just follow us. We’re your best resources in finding out the best new opportunities to live in your new home.



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