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December 01, 2018

Brookfield introduces furnace-less home

Pepper Rodriguez

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Brookfield Residential is building one of the greenest houses ever constructed in Alberta. The “Symons Gate Passiv Haus” will use 90 per cent less energy than a typical new home constructed today. And this prairie house doesn’t come with a furnace!

“The catchphrase commonly used to describe a Passive House is ‘you can heat it with a hairdryer and cool it with an ice cube,’” says Doug Owens, Senior Director, Operations with Brookfield Residential’s Calgary Homes team and lead for the pilot project.

The Symons Gate Passiv Haus is a living, working demonstration of sustainability and Brookfield Residential’s commitment to innovation. Located at 274 Sage Bluff Drive N.W., the “super-insulated” house is be a sustainability showcase, 

Prior to selling it, Brookfield plans operate it for a year with plenty of tours for green associations, schools and community groups and government and industry leaders to further the sustainability conversation. Scheduled tours will be available for school, community and industry groups, and other interested parties, while members of the public can visit on the first Friday of every month until September 2019. More information or visits can be booked at

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